Portrait information

Capture your special vision of the past with a beautiful watercolor portrait by Carol Ann Lee Hedrick.

The Stories Behind the Portraits...

Family memories are special to everyone.  Just imagine a beautiful watercolor portrait created from a treasured family photograph, capturing a very special moment in time.  Based on your precious photograph, Carol will create your special vision of the past and achieve a remarkable likeness.  What a wonderful addition to your home or as a gift for a loved one!

Planning the Portrait…

The client should gather any photographs that they have on the portrait subject they would like painted.  Carol (the Artist) will review the client’s photos, by appointment, email or by mail.

After the photo(s) has been selected, background colors, size of painting, composition, etc. will be discussed.  A portrait contract will be completed and notes taken on any special client instructions.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at this time.

You will be notified when your portrait is completed, and delivery of the painting will be made once final payment is received by the Artist.  The portrait will bring you or that special someone great joy for years to come.

Basic Portrait Fees

Head and Shoulders.........................11” x 14” – 16” x 20” .........  $1200

Head and Shoulders, with hands........16” x 20” – 20” x 24” .........  $1600

Full figure, standing or sitting ...........22” x 30” ..........................  $2400


Prices subject to change without notice.  Paper sizes are approximate.  Portrait subjects will be proportionate to a sheet of watercolor paper (maximum: 22 x 30) to result in a pleasing composition for the portrait.


Please contact Carol if you are interested in commissioning a portrait or

have further questions.

All fees for child or adult.

Each additional person in portrait is an additional 50% of initial fee.

Pets in portrait for an additional fee of 25% – 50%.

Fee may be higher for detailed backgrounds or detailed clothing.

Basic portrait fee does not include tax, if applicable, shipping or insurance (required).

Travel expenses and photography are additional.

50% non-refundable deposit on the agreed upon portrait fee.

All finished portraits are shipped unframed.  Framing is not offered at this time. 

An informative sheet with advice on care, mat colors and suggested frame styles

will be included at time of purchase.

The completion date of your portrait will depend on the Artist’s schedule and time

of year.

Prospective clients should understand that the Artist may accept or decline any

submitted subject matter.

Sales Information

Please contact Carol if you are interested in purchasing a painting, have questions about a particular painting, or to confirm availability. 

A list of any exhibitions and awards for each painting is available and will also be sent when a painting is purchased.

All paintings are original watercolors by Carol Ann Lee Hedrick. 

Final total is due before the painting can be shipped. Price does not include tax, if applicable, shipping or insurance (required).